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Peace Wave Summit Session #1
Grand Peace Wave Strategy
Speaker(s): Sommer Albertsen & Jon Ramer- Compassion Games International Founders & Peace Wave Summit Hosts
Description: How to play Let’s Make Waves! During the Summit
and learn about how SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) is a high level solution to create Peace On Earth by 2030.
Bonus: You have behind the scene access to slides introducing SINE to the world for the first time HERE and presentation about Global Peace Wave Event on 9/20/20 Making a 24 Hour Peace Wave with 100 million people HERE. Access for life to this Peace Wave Summit and when you become a patron at “Flame” level HERE.

Peace Wave Summit Session #2
Social Innovators Empowering Youth
Speakers: Scott Goyette, Go Love Now Founder and Youth Leaders 
Description: Learn how Go Love Now breaks down LOVE into action for self and empowering youth to be compassionate. See 12 year old leaders Carlos, Alfa and Roberto, three inspired kids share there answers to peace on earth. Go Love Now Camp is in session, you can learn how Scott shares his tools to empower youth around the world.
Bonus: Get access to their Go Love Now Music Video and spread the love here on there YouTube Channel. You can follow the constant good news on Go Love Now’s active FB Page spreading love and compassion to youth world wide.

Peace Wave Summit Session #3
Play For Peace
Speakers: Director of Play For Peace Sarah Gough & Founder of Play For Peace Craig Dobkin   
Description: Learn how Play For Peace brings together children, youth, and organizations from communities in conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion, and peace in over 70 countries worldwide. Sarah & Craig share expert collaboration tools and how play builds long lasting peace.   
Bonus Details: All over the world, Play For Peace Youth lead clubs Global Learning Community is leading with this activity. See this free gift introduction on this page and join there newsletter learning about Play For Peace lighting up the world. See how you can contribute and amplify Play For Peace in the world HERE.

Peace Wave Summit Session #4
Unlock Peace on Earth
Speakers: Kunal Sood Global Tedx Curator & Founder of Novus
Description: Learn how to unlock Peace On Earth lead by youth world wide in this session with this leading TEDx Curator and Social Change Maker. Dive into Kunal captivating spirit and presence with tools to prosper through uncertainty and how to unleash long lasting inspired action.  
Bonus: See Kunal’s recent Tedx Talk titled “What makes us truly happy?” HERE and allow Kunal to unlock your exponential potential HERE

Peace Wave Summit Session #5
Accelerating Peace and Planetary Stewardship through Conscious Media
Speakers: Films For The Planet Founder Thea Lagrou 
Description:  Learn how conscious media effects personal and social transformation to make large scale global impact. Join with others to imagine a just and sustainable world and take action to achieve your collective dream. Learn how to build change locally and globally through film.
Bonus Details: 
Join a monthly subscription for ongoing access to relevant films as well as free film programs that generate generative discourse and positive action. Access Films for the Planet “Art of Hosting Film” resources to catalyze community education, conversation and informed action at the Members Circle. FREE HERE
Peace Wave Summit Session #6
The Joy of Creating Peace On Earth Locally and Globally
Speakers: Nicola Jackman Founder of JoyMovement                               
Description: “The source of JOY is LOVE and KINDness, when we live this way - we come to know peace within and without.” This session will open your heart and help you bring joy to how you are serving others and your purpose. You will learn key steps to enhance your collaboration locally and globally through your work with Nikki from South Africa. 
Bonus: Get FREE access to The JoyMovement Online Summit as your gift from Nicola. The Online JOY Summit: Re-birthing The Joy Movement - with a global JOY SUMMIT - carrying the collective intention of supporting and co-creating more love, ease, grace, peace, joy & humanKINDness in the world - so that we can celebrate it manifest for all beings and all things! Get Access HERE

Peace Wave Summit Session #7
Epic Fundraising Tools for Non Profits
Speaker: Marilyn Levin, Founder of Rolling on The Floor Laughing Challenge and Author 
Description: Marilyn Levin Author & is Launching Rolling On The Floor Laughing Challenge for Nonprofits to raise money while having fun and experiencing joy. Learn how to live, laugh and uplift the world. 
Bonus: Get Access to entering your organization into the fundraising opportunity while Rolling On The Floor Laughing HERE.

Peace Wave Summit Session #8
***SKIP TO 17 MIN***
Kindness Collective & Social Impact 
Speaker: Wendi Gilbert, Founder of Kindness Collective & Kindness Evolution
Description: Learn how collective kindness organizations achieve greater social impact together.
Bonus Details: Get behind the scenes access to the latest Kindness Collective Report that came from the results of 30 plus organizations coming together from all over the world with creative solutions HERE

Peace Wave Summit Session #9
***SKIP TO 29 MIN***
Building Peace On Earth with APP Technology
Speakers: Albin Hagberg Medin & Ebba Svensson Founders Of
Description: Be inspired by Albin & Ebba, they are walking around the world to demonstrate what’s possible when one is committed and dedicated to making peace and showing it is possible. 
Bonus: Get access to amazing ways to world peace through there app coming soon. Sign up and they will notify you once the app is ready! The first 500 users of the app will get a three months membership for free HERE.

Peace Wave Summit Session #10
Social Change 2.0 Games
Speakers: Matt Turner- with EPIC and David Gershon- with Social Change 2.0
Description: Serve Community and Peace on Earth will be starting the launch of an inclusive platform. 
Peace Wave Summit Session #11
Global Compassionate Cities Movement 
Speakers: Leslie Meehan- Compassionate Silicon Valley 
Marilyn Turkovich- Director of Charter For Compassion                           
Description: Learn about how cities around the world are taking on compassion and making sustainable change possible. See how a compassionate movement in California is taking on homelessness through Compassion and collaboration.  
Bonus: Become part of this global movement of compassion with your city HERE. Have access to starting a compassionate movement in your town with this helpful tool kit HERE
Peace Wave Summit Session #12
Kindness Going Viral
Speakers: Karen Palmer Founder of Global Kindness TV
Description: Learn the steps to growing a movement and developing authentic community on Social Media that goes viral. See what is holding you back from creating Peace On Earth from The Queen Of Global Kindness and the Modern Day Mystical Mr.Rogers.
Bonus Details: Manifest Your Dreams Toolkit and guide that gives you step by step instructions to loving your dream into reality at this link:

Peace Wave Summit Session #13
Global Butterfly Transformation & Imaginal Cells
Speakers: Norie Huddle, Creator of The Best Game On Earth.
Description: Learn about the fascinating transformation of the Butterfly through the brilliance of Norie Huddle. Her wisdom of how humanity can play The Best Game On Earth as a way of life to achieve Peace On Earth by 2030.
Bonus Details: When you sign up (it's free!) as a Player in The Best Game on Earth - - you can download the following beautiful gifts and a chance to enter Norie's 8- Week Coaching Program. Norie offers A Special Summit Price - good only through July 23rd - for Summit Participants who would like to work closely with her in an 8-week group coaching program: 
TOTAL LIFE SUCCESS- Find and Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose 
This group coaching program is limited to only 12 people! 
Norie offers each Applicant an initial 15-minute conversation to make sure this coaching program is a good fit for you. We're launching Something Big with this program!! To learn more, sign up as a Player in The Best Game on Earth: 

Peace Wave Summit Session #14
Global Unifiers
Speakers: All Leaders of Unity Earth & UDAY Festival Ben Bowler, Kurt Johnson, Deborah Moldow & Yanni Maniates
Description: Learn about the Roadmap to 2030 and all about the Unity Revolution for a New Earth that is a major part of creating Peace On Earth by 2030 with a brilliant panel from Unity Earth.                                   
Bonus Details: get access to all the campaigns and world transformation activities with Unity Earth HERE

Peace Wave Summit Session #15
Interfaith Peace Global Impact
Speakers: Monica Willard- United Religions Initiative & Peace Jam 
Julie Schelling & Brigitte- Van Baren with Peace Pledge Project.              
Description: Learn about the latest profound impact on the world about diverse faiths working together to build peace on earth from some of the most phenomenal global Interfaith Organizations on Earth. 
Bonus Details: Sign and spread the pledge for peace HERE.
Peace Wave Summit Session #16
Compassion In Healthcare
Speakers: Salmaan Sana with Better Futures
Description: Learn about how Salmaan is building compassion in Healthcare systems for our world. After starting a foundation in compassionate care, running leadership programmes for healthcare professionals, and having the experience of being one of the first ‘chief compassionate officers’ in a healthcare institute. He also is a captivating being you will fall in love with too.

Peace Wave Summit Session #17
Global Compassionate Businesses
Speakers: Akhtar Badshah, Catalytic Innovators
Description: What does one of the first Microsoft employees have to share about Peace On Earth by 2030. Akhtar’s wisdom is astonishing and thought provoking. 
Bonus: Get access to Akhtar’s TEDx Talk How To Harness Disruptive Technologies HERE . Another gift is Akhtar’s Global Fire of Compassion that you can share HERE

Peace Wave Summit Session #18
Education & Science of Compassion in Action
Speakers: Dr. James Doty, Founder of CCARE & Author of Into The Magic Shop
Description: Learn how the Science of Compassion is helping enhance Peace On Earth from NY Times Best Selling Author and one of the worlds favorite Neuroscientists.
Bonus: Get free access to the Alphabet of the Heart Podcast where each segment goes deep into each letter with Dr. James Doty. You can also download the Alphabet Poster for free all HERE.

Peace Wave Summit Session #19
Kind Living
Speakers: Andy Smallman- KindLiving Founder
Description: Learn from a leading Social Game Changer Educators that starts with kindness. You will learn some of his most innovative tools for staying in the game through kind living and ongoing learning. 
Bonus: Andy Smallman is giving us all free Access to 1 Week with Stargirl Kindness Tools HERE and also 12 Days of Kindness lead by Kindness Expert Andy Smallman HERE.

Peace Wave Summit Session #20
Elder Wisdom Through Story & Inspired Action
Speakers: Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.- Chairperson of Compassion Games 
Lynnaea Lumbard-The Great Transition Stories & NewStories
Description: Prophecies and Indigenous Wisdom 
Bonus: You get early access to the NEW Great Transition Story website. Here are vital stories that can guide us as we co-create Humanity’s path forward. You also get access to a NEW article written by Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Jon Ramer and Deborah Moldow launching through the Summit called Prophecies, Social Change and a New Global Civilization: 2020 - 2030 - 2050. Enjoy!!! 

Peace Wave Summit Session #21
BONUS PEACE WAVE with Nimo Patel WORLD Famous Musician & Peace Activist Inspiring Youth Globally
Speaker: Nimo Patel with Empty Hands Music
Description: Learn how this incredible Global Game Changer inspires compassionate action world wide with all ages. Learn how he went from Rapper in NYC to Musician from the Heart living in Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram. The solution for peace on earth by 2030 comes from this epic man’s voice you will see and hear when you meet Nimo Patel seeing many waves of solutions in all of his music videos. 
Bonus: You get FREE access to his new song in MP3 format “We Shall Overcome: Love Will Rise Again.” This song is lighting up the world with hope and compassion. See the whole epic music video here as part of the Peace Wave Summit Celebration in action HERE. May the Revolution of the Heart lead the way! 

Peace Wave Summit Session #22
Interfaith Peace Global Impact
Speakers: Julie Schelling & Brigitte- Van Baren with Peace Pledge Project.              
Description: Learn about the latest profound impact on the world about diverse faiths working together to build peace on earth from some of the most phenomenal global Interfaith Organizations on Earth. 
Peace Wave Summit Session #23
The Great Transition Stories Of Humanity
Speakers: Lynnaea Lumbard-The Great Transition Stories & NewStories
Description: The Great Transition Stories of our times that inspire life affirming futures
Bonus: You get early access to the NEW Great Transition Story website. Here are vital stories that can guide us as we co-create Humanity’s path forward.
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